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We – that is Joachim, Micha, and Matthias – welcome you to Nature Globe! We are a team of plant fans and hobby gardeners and would like to share our knowledge on the handling of plants and nature with others on this platform.

Through our instructions we try to help you with your personal questions. At the same time, we hope that your input and the mutual exchange will also lead to further development of our own skills.

Beautiful summer days, cooking with home-grown herbs, a relaxing walk through the garden… What do you associate with nature?

A natural environment guarantees beautiful moments and lots of fun with family and friends. However, tending a garden or growing houseplants isn’t always that easy! To ensure that nature is constantly thriving around us, we need to have at least some basic skills.

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This is precisely where we at Nature Globe want to jump in. At Nature Globe you will find instructions, tips & tricks, new inspiration and countless new ideas on how to support the growth of the surrounding nature. In numerous articles we present innovations in the garden world and are at your side with the appropriate instructions.

We look forward to reading your questions, suggestions, and feedback in the comment sections of our articles!

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