Micha Gengenbach – Author & Social Media Manager

Micha Gengenbach Nature Globe Author

Hi, my name is Micha Gengenbach and since day one I have been one of the main authors and content managers of Nature Globe.

As a child, I actively helped out in my parents’ and grandparents’ garden at home. From mowing the lawn, scarifying and planting trees to caring for roses, almost everything was included.

The enthusiasm for gardening and the green thumb have remained to this day. Nowadays, I am particularly interested in the care and cultivation of indoor plants (especially green plants & succulents). Plant cultivation is one of my other main topic, and I am also creating numerous tutorials about this topic on Nature Globe.

In addition to researching topics and creating new articles, I am also responsible for publishing these articles on Nature Globe’s various social media channels.

I welcome any comments, questions and suggestions regarding my articles.

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